South from Seattle, Oregon

So, due to a variety of situations, I ended up with the world’s most smashed up, uncomfortable Toyota pickup truck to drive from Seattle to San Diego. Having never paid that much attention to a road map of the US West Coast I didn’t really have any idea of: a) How far it is. b) How long it…

Forests and fires

An uncomfortable night in my little ‘shelter’ complete, it was time to make it to Denmark. Big day, lots of Ks, lots of forest, and an interesting interaction with some locals…

Sand and stars

Back on the road, it was time to tear up some tarmac through the expansive and endless forests of WA, and eat some more red dust.

Dylan meets sand

As a man that likes to favour the scenic route, motorbiking down highways wasn’t of great appeal to me, so after spending some time pouring over maps, I had selected a route down the coast towards Cape Leeuwin that took in the smaller roads on my maps. This would take me through national parks, forests, beaches, and…

South from Perth

Obviously, I set off late. Always do. Timekeeping is just not a thing I hold enough commitment to. I hate being late, but am still working on the part of my brain that allows me to rationalise and organise my life in the preceding hours that lead to me actually being late. 

Introducing Dylan.

The plan had always been to pick up a second hand bike when getting to Australia, and finding the perfect bike had been top of my agenda. The small matter of Helen and Mike’s wedding would not get in my way, and within 5 days, undoubtedly boring anyone unfortunate enough to be around for long…

Mongolia – A day in the life

With an award winning sun set playing out behind us, silhouetting mountains into the sky, we began to set up camp alongside the lake. I decided it was also a sensible time to change the secondary fuel filter, and spent the next 30 minutes covered in petrol.

Mongolia – A land of wonder

Bureaucracy. Doesn’t matter how remote and far flung you go. It’s as much a fact of life as death is. Trying to get into Mongolia: not an exception to this rule.

Summer in Siberia

Alone again, we had to kick our heels for a day or two waiting for the rest of our team to catch up. Entering Siberia at a bit before night fall, we were keen to get camped up quick while we still had the light.

A Kazakh Quarry

Being brought up in England, in particular London, the concept that you just pull off a road and drive in any direction you want, across anything you want (farmer’s fields exempted of course), towards anything you want, is quite alien. To be able to do this without hesitation or fear of repercussion is liberating. And…

Kazakhstan – The journey really begins.

Our transit into Kazakhstan marked what for me was really the beginning of the journey I’d been hoping for. Gone were the rules and regulations of the EU, the ominous pressure of hassle from the authorities in Russia, and in large parts, the tarmac. Finally, we were unleashed upon the lesser travelled world

Ukraine to Russia – Weapons and bribery

Once out of Romania, and we’d driven through all of 2km of Moldova, Ukraine began. As did the potholes. We bounced in and out of the holed roads all the way North, until we reached Kiev.

UK to Prague

It was a disorganised start. They always are. But this was worse than usual. The morning of our big trip to Mongol. The car had no dashboard, no tyres, and most of the interior still half ripped out. I had a hangover like never before, and only half a liver still functioning. I have no idea…

Miss Matiz

I was cycling along a road somewhere in Ibiza when I got the call. Sam had found the car. Not just any car. The car. The one that was going to take us from London, through countries yet to be determined or researched (or generally thought about in any practical sense), and eventually drive us into…