The Powys lads

Charlie and George have got character, in abundance. I spent a few weeks in the pleasurable company of these two. They took me for walks, led me to explore new places, and we made new friends together. I left the eating sand to them, but just about everything else we shared as an experience. While dog portraiture has never been an area of photography I ever thought I’d end up taking part in, Charlie and George were far too expressive to not record a snapshot of it. And anyway, I’ll take photos of pretty much anything that will come out well, should the opportunity present itself.

Meet Charlie.


Charlie is a switched on lad. He knows where the line is, likes to toe it occasionally, but you know you could rely on him when it counted. He’s fairly camera shy, and almost all these shots were taken with a 200mm telephoto lens, as the moment he realises he’s on camera, off into the distance he trots.

Charlie likes to do his own thing, and can often be found running off to spend the afternoon with other people. I think he’s just testing how much the Powys’ really want him back, and measures it in how many times and how far they will go to collect him from other peoples back gardens.


Meet George.


George is best described as a rascal. In fact, George defines the word ‘rascal’. However, he’s unbelievably photogenic, and has a level of enthusiasm for company and adventure that is hard not to love. He face says it all. He loves to give a camera lens a good licking, so my lens was generally zoomed out to 25mm in order to get him in shot, in-between wiping his tongue off it that is.

George can often be found running around with level of excitement and energy it could launch a space shuttle. He is also a big fan of loud barking if he feels you haven’t appreciated how awesome he is for at least minutes.


Together, Charlie and George make a right pair of reprobates, and can usually be found tearing up beaches, tracks and trails all through Denmark.



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  1. Jesse says:

    Beautiful pups and great photos!


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