LEJOG – Day 8

Day 8: 175km to near Connel, right in the middle of lots of beautiful, if a tad inconveniently placed, lochs.

Another tough one today, with a brutal head wind making it a bit of a slog. My other Achilles had decided to join the broken body party, so I now have any combination of my main 4 cycling joints giving me hell.

Spent a bit of time tweaking my saddle position and pedal cleats to try and make things easier on my knees. Hasn’t made things better, but hadn’t made it any worse either, so as far as I’m concerned, from a tinkering/engineering point of view, this makes it an official success! (Steve swallow, Alex Lynes, as engineers can you endorse this statement please).

Totted up the miles left, and worked out if I did a big 200km today, then I could have slightly reducing days for the final two, with a bit of slack for unexpected circumstances.

Well that all went out the window a few hours later when I broke a rear spoke. Very disappointing. Luckily I never leave the house without being prepared for an apocalypse, so after stripping down the wheel, fitting the spare spoke I’d bought the morning before leaving ‘just in case’, and re-trueing it, I was back on the road.

Then it got dark, windier, stormy, head torch ran out of battery, etc etc etc, so I packed it in well short of target, and found a lovely Scottish field to pitch up in. Turned out to be rather marshy in the cold light of day, so I’ve rather wet feet this morning 😊

I love Scotland, mostly.

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