LEJOG – Day 7

Day 7: 185km to near Glasgow.

Turns out sleep does not fix knees, just allows them the opportunity to seize up! Crossed into Scotland first thing, and found a pharmacy who were kind enough to sell me some knee supports and anti-inflammatory stuff, after obviously recommending that maybe the best solution was to stop cycling…

Food is starting to become an issue, but only in the sense I’m eating so much it’s taking too much time! I had two bowls of porridge at 6.30, packed up camp, cycled for an hour, then had to stop and have baked beans, toast, and a double sausage sandwich. Then I was hungry again an hour later…

So it turns out they do a lot of farming in Scotland, which has meant the day has been full of cows and tractors. But proper black and white cows, and the biggest tractors around. Personally, I think tractors are the coolest thing ever, so I’ve had a good day.

Camped up in a field by the coast, getting much colder when the sun goes. Knees still screwed, but only 300 miles to go.




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  1. Wow! Impressive journey! Insert clapping emoji 🙂


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