LEJOG – Day 6

Day 6: 190km to the Scottish border (which Glen Herbert , for all intents and purposes counts as Scotland!)

My knees and right Achilles tendon decided to start to give up on me right from the morning, which made it the toughest days cycling I’ve ever had. Loads of breaks to try and let my knees recover meant I had to ride until a bit before midnight in order to make the mileage. Hoping that after a few hours sleep they might be better..

On the plus side, the lake District has to be one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been through, with stunning scenery, albeit ridiculously hilly.

Camped in a field just South of the Scottish border underneath a set of high voltage power lines. I feel asleep and woke up to the fizzing of 240000v, courtesy of National Grid. An electricians dream…

Word of the day: Physiology – because mine seems to be failing.

Cue Steve Swallow call me a complaining Pommy who needs to man up…


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