A subterranean base – really cool tunnels and the occasional disused missile

When Alex (which one escapes my memory) suggested we go and check out an ex-Soviet underground submarine base on the Black Sea, I was curious but dubious about what we might find. My doubt was misplaced, and I was not disappointed.

After paying the equivalent for 50p, we were granted entry to the previously classified Russian submarine base. Large tunnels led from the cliff faces of the Black Sea deep into the hill of Balaklava. Inside, they spread out into a staggering  underground network of waterways, tunnels, railways and supply depots, all serving the supply, rearm, and maintenance of the submarines that visited. The scale was amazing, and the entire complex buried deep enough to survive a direct hit with an nuclear impact, with feet thick blast doors able to seal off all access to the world outside.


Tracks to transport weaponry provide an extensive railway system through the base.


From the outside entrance, submarines would travel through large underground tunnels and await maintenance and resupply.
Within these tunnels, dry docks allowed extensive maintenance to be undertaken.
Overhead power and communication lines give a sense of the age of the infrastructure up until the base’s closure in 1993.


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