Miss Matiz

I was cycling along a road somewhere in Ibiza when I got the call. Sam had found the car. Not just any car. The car. The one that was going to take us from London, through countries yet to be determined or researched (or generally thought about in any practical sense), and eventually drive us into Mongolia. This had to be one hell of a car.

Sam described his golden find: “800cc”, “3 cylinders”,  “tiny wheels”, “no service history”, “smallest car he’s ever driven”. I congratulated him for such a brilliant find. Car’s like that don’t turn up every day, and we’d just got our hands on one for a mere £700. Not only that, it in fact turned out to be the SE+ addition, and actually gold. Sam set about all the necessary arrangements, and I began pedalling the long road between Barcelona and London, keen to get home to see this beauty for myself.



The mighty power of all 800cc displayed in all it’s glory.
Wherever we went, she gravitated towards other Matiz. Here a marauding pack of Matiz’s can be seen taking a break from harassing other lesser cars.








Conquering territory far beyond where Matiz’s have ever gone before. We always knew our car was a trailblazer, but this really proved it.
Miss Matiz takes a breather in the hot conditions of Kazahstan. What is demonstrated here by the open boot and doors is the highly advance ‘air conditioning’ system that all Matiz’s come with as standard.

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