Clipper RTW – Leg 5: Another drift, then a thrashing, Part 3.

New skipper Jan onboard, we started out of Singapore, heading straight up to Qingdao, China. This was, however, to a be a short lived plan. When two of the other yachts suffered structural failures with a rigging component, it was deemed a high risk that other yachts would suffer a failure of the same nature….

Clipper RTW – Leg 5: Another drift, then a thrashing, Part 1.

Brisbane, Aus, to Qingdao, China, was always going to be up there as one of the most varied legs. Fast sailing up the coast of Australia, until the tropics where things were expected to get hot and slow again like our last equatorial crossing. Then busy busy on the entry and exit to Singapore, and…

Clipper RTW – Leg 4: The Bass Strait x 3

The next month would see us sail from Albany to Brisbane, while taking in a Sydney Hobart race, and transiting the Bass Strait three times. New Skip Burkes on board, and the biggest change around of crew thus far meant there was lots of learning to be done, from both new and old crew.  Still…

Clipper RTW – Leg 1: A drift to Brazil

Leg 1 of the Clipper race saw us depart London, UK, a quick sail to Brest, France, and then embark on a long, eventful, and at times unbearably slow journey to Rio, Brazil. This saw all the crew really cut their teeth on sailing the yacht, with much being learnt about every aspect of sailing and…

Mongolia – A day in the life

With an award winning sun set playing out behind us, silhouetting mountains into the sky, we began to set up camp alongside the lake. I decided it was also a sensible time to change the secondary fuel filter, and spent the next 30 minutes covered in petrol.

Mongolia – A land of wonder

Bureaucracy. Doesn’t matter how remote and far flung you go. It’s as much a fact of life as death is. Trying to get into Mongolia: not an exception to this rule.

Summer in Siberia

Alone again, we had to kick our heels for a day or two waiting for the rest of our team to catch up. Entering Siberia at a bit before night fall, we were keen to get camped up quick while we still had the light.

A Kazakh Quarry

Being brought up in England, in particular London, the concept that you just pull off a road and drive in any direction you want, across anything you want (farmer’s fields exempted of course), towards anything you want, is quite alien. To be able to do this without hesitation or fear of repercussion is liberating. And…

Kazakhstan – The journey really begins.

Our transit into Kazakhstan marked what for me was really the beginning of the journey I’d been hoping for. Gone were the rules and regulations of the EU, the ominous pressure of hassle from the authorities in Russia, and in large parts, the tarmac. Finally, we were unleashed upon the lesser travelled world

Ukraine to Russia – Weapons and bribery

Once out of Romania, and we’d driven through all of 2km of Moldova, Ukraine began. As did the potholes. We bounced in and out of the holed roads all the way North, until we reached Kiev.

LEJOG – Day 1

Day one: Just over 100km to St Austell. Hills… So many hills. Word of the day – Undulations.

LEJOG – Day 2

Day 2: Another 100km to Northern Dartmoor. Even more hills – total of nearly 6000ft of climbing. Samuel Dillon and Dave Campbell continue their never ending quest to charge electronic devices. An interesting evening with a fellow Dutch cyclist which ended in cycling round Dartmoor at 1am looking for his lost wallet. Turns out it…

LEJOG – Day 3

Day 3: 165km from Dartmoor to somewhere just outside of Bristol. No campsite so hoping a farmer doesn’t find me and chuck me out of his field! Another day of lots of hills, some flat fast riding through the Somerset Levels, then more hills again on the approach to Bristol. Trying to decide if my…

LEJOG – Day 4

Day 4: 177km to just South of Shrewsbury. Pissed it down for most of the day, everything wet. Lovely riding through the Welsh valleys, more hills… Had the biggest bowl of pasta I have literally every eaten (which is a big statement for me to make). Word of the day: Lush. Invented solely to describe…